• Nutrition at Play

Nutrition at Play

It is a result of the project "Digital technology of behavior change: a practical application of the Transtheoretical Model in food and nutrition", designed by the Centre for Social Technology SESI-Santa Catarina, through the Announcement SESI SENAI-Innovation 2011 by the National SESI and CNPq. The project was conducted by SESI-Santa Catarina in partnership with the Laboratory of Brain Education/Federal University of Santa Catarina, with partners such as our studio! Casthalia was responsible for the script, the game design, the creative direction and the test of the product.

The technology consists of 12 independent applications and additional printed material. Four apps are resources to assessment (following indicators of knowledge, Dietary intake and Stage of change), and eight are the parts of a health game to promote behavior change. The nutritional content is based on the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population (Ministry of Health/Brazil) and on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation for fruit and vegetables intakes. The pro-change strategy was based on the cognitive and behavioral processes of the Transtheoretical Model. The interface was specially developed for industry worker, it is means adults, many of the person not familiar with computer technologies.

It was tested with 128 workers of a partner industry in 2013. The results were positive in the three evaluation indicators, as was presented on SeGAH 2014 (International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health).

¤ "Nutrition at Play: Technology promoting alimentary behavior modification" (3rd SeGAH , Rio de Janeiro, May 2014).