Casthalia (or Castalia) is the name of an ancient water spring in Delphi, Greece. It`s known for the inspiring power of its waters. In Antiquity, that water was drunk by Pythias to utter the Delphi's Oracles.


We love to design meaningful experiences which transform people's way of being, learning, and interacting.

We create serious games and other fun and educational devices for specific contexts. We have done games to child, young and adult; accustomed to use computer or not; in situations of formal education (schools) and Non-Formal (like museums and workplaces); about scientific, artistic, technical, social, health and environmental subjects. We create remarkable characters, scenarios consistent and differential art for each project.

What we do?

¤ Pre-production - design and documentation (game design document; technical script); concept art; research references, content and assessment appropriate to the target audience language patterns;
¤ production - creative direction; production of images, animations, audio and text for the technology; development; heuristic evaluation;
¤ pos-production - implementation; review of the gameplay; application of test data collection and analysis.

Who we are?

The studio was criated in 2000 for five young visual artists, mentored by Antônio Vargas (professor at Art Center/UDESC).

It is directed by Ana Beatriz Bahia (graduated in fine arts, ph.d in education) and is located in Florianopolis/Sta Catarina, in southern Brazil.