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The Mansion of Quelicera

It is an investigative adventure created from paintings of art history and based on a tale of mystery, recommended by the Ministry of Education (MEC) to be deployed in schools in Brazil. It is an educational resource for the teaching of art, consisting of the video game online and the educator support web site. Click to visit (in Portuguese):

topic 2 Educator support web site

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The tale of mystery that surrounds the player was written especially for this game by writer Luana Von Linsingen. It can also be known through the illustrated book, published by Contemporary Arts in 2003.

The structure of investigative adventure raises the player a decelerated and interpretive look, similar to the one released in the artwork in the process of fruition. So, the game is a space for artistic experience, based in the thought of the esthete HG Gadamer.

In January 2006, we releced the first version of the game, the result of Prof. project. Dr. Antonio Vargas (Center for the Arts / UDESC) in partnership with Casthalia, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Eletrobras and FAPESC.

In 2014, we tested The mansion Quelicera 2.0 with a new interface, a new opening animation, clearer and more consistent texts, as well as online. It was a result of the Dialogues between Art and Design project, proposed by Prof. Antonio Vargas (Center for the Arts / UDESC), conducted in partnership with Prof. Luis Carlos Petry (PUC / SP), Prof. Arlete dos Santos Petry (ECA / USP), Prof. Andre Luiz Battaiola (UFPR), Ms. Luciana Rocha Mariz Clua (FioCruz) and Prof. Ana Beatriz Bahia (Casthalia), and funded by CNPq Notice 14/2011). The dialogues are established both documented in the book Game, Art and Education (ed. UDESC, 2014, in Portugues) as in this video.

The game is currently not available. The plugin to play swf was removed from Web browsers in January 2021.

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